Re-discover the joy of innovation, creativity and problem solving! Our network can help you apply insights from biology and ecology to life centered design and sustainable innovation inspired by Nature. We are changing the way that business and education face the challenges of our time.


Biomimicry Iberia offers a wide range of bio-inspired courses and seminars to universities, schools, R&D teams and professionals from many disciplines.

We customize specific training courses for product designers, architects, engineers, urban and regional planners, biologists, educators, entrepreneurs, and the public sector.

We offer 1-3 day General Introduction to Biomimicry Workshops, Theme Specific Workshops, Learning Journeys and Expedition Workshops, along with flexible pathways for continued professional development and vocational training.


The business world is transforming. We need new models, measures and mentors. Life offers all three.
Biomimicry – as innovation inspired by nature – is not just a path towards more sustainable technologies, systems and processes. Biomimicry invites us to consciously become participants in Nature’s process of innovation itself.

Life’s 3.8 billion years of R&D provide us with millions of elegant solutions waiting to be discovered and translated into sustainable innovation.
Whatever design or business challenge you are faced with, Life is likely to have solved it before. Let us help you ask Nature to create solutions that work for Life.


Sustainability and the creation of regenerative cultures are not fixed points we will ever arrive at, but rather community-based learning journeys on which we are co-creating the path by walking it together.

We place particular importance on building new relationships, making new connections, fostering co-creation and inviting multi-stakeholder collaboration.

From the business world to the playground, everyone can learn from nature and design as Nature. Together we can face the creative challenge of the 21st Century: to create elegant solutions that nurture the health and resilience of all Life!.
Will you join us in creating a better, healthier and more meaningful future for humanity and the wider community of Life?

Biomimicry Iberia

We envision a future where technological innovation always applies the biomimicry maxim that ‘life creates conditions conducive to life’ and technological development and education help to create a regenerative human culture – locally and globally.

We aim to promote nature as a model, as a mentor, and as a measure for sustainable innovation and new technologies by bringing together a collaborative network of innovators, designers, biologists, engineers, architects, and educators.

We value collaboration and interdependence. Biomimicry Iberia is an active participant in the emerging European and Global Biomimicry Network and as such fully aligned with the “Essential Elements” defined by Biomimicry 3.8. We have respect, responsibility and gratitude for the community of Life. We recognize that we are Nature and need to foster humanity’s appropriate participation in Nature’s life-sustaining cycles and processes. We are humble apprentices of Life’s principles, patterns, strategies and functions, aiming to emulate them to achieve appropriate participation.

Our Skills

Education 90%
Desing 80%
Consulting 90%
Development 60%

Do you want to dive right in? Please take a look at the Resource section and visit the Blogs of Biomimicry Iberia members

Our team

Theresa Millard

Sustainability Professional supporting Kohler Co. global team with innovation and culture change initiatives focused on environmental, social and business sustainability. Certified Biomimicry Professional; Master of Ceramics Fine Arts; 27+ years at Kohler Co. – manufacturing, design & development, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Co-Founder Biomimicry Iberia.

Rafael Aparicio

“Out of The Box“ mind, I am more than just Technical Engineer and Philosopher and expert in radical disruptive innovation and problem-solving methodology inspired by Nature.

Oscar Jimenéz

An Architect and passionate about Nature, I like to face life with tireless curiosity. I have been flirting between Design and Biology for as long as I can remember. Finally, determined to study Architecture, I opened my own architecture office but with half of my soul running through the prairie… this concoction is spiced with...

Manuel Quiros

From 2013 author of the blog natureinspireus with a large followers in South America. He has recently been invited to discuss biomimesis in RTVE, as well as in other forums, like universities and foundations. Frequently, he writes popular articles and has an intense artistic activity related to the wild. In 2014 co-found partner launches a platform for innovative integrated...

Luisa Nunes

Forest-Insect Ecologist
Born in Lisbon she studied arts and has graduate and post graduate degrees in forest and insect ecology. Presently teaches ecology, applied zoology, entomology, biological drawing and Biomimicry at the University of Castelo Branco. Her current academic focus is to develop effective solutions for urban emergency planning by integrating how natural systems are organized with...

Diego Soroa

I am a creative ¨improver¨ walking the distance between actual and potential. I love finding those little things that make big differences and I am mezmerized by the relationship between efficiency, simplicity and beauty in nature.

Daniel Christian Wahl

Among many others I have worked with the International Futures Forum, the State of the World Forum, UK Foresight, Decision Integrity Ltd, Findhorn College, CIFAL Scotland (UNITAR), Camper, Ecover, Forum for the Future, LEAD International, the Global Ecovillage Network, Gaia Education, Bioneers, Clear Village, the Progressio Foundation, Balears.t, and various universities. I am a member...

Damien Ollivry

Besides considering nature as a source of inspiration for innovation, I am also interested in lessons that can be inferred for social issues. More generally, nature is for me a common basis and reference that often brings us the most valuable answers when we give a moment of attention. In this regard, I would like...

Andrea Monge

Andrea completed the Biomimicry 3.8 Specialist Program, and conducted research on natural communication networks. Currently, Andrea is involved in Mare Nostrum, an EU-funded, cross-border collaboration project aiming to improve the implementation of integrated coastal zone management legislation in the Mediterranean. Specialty areas: marine biology, communication, sustainable development, biomimicry

Agustín Falcó

Having been in love with nature since I can remember, I am a deep dreamer about a sustainable-natural world. I bring biotechnical professional experience with deep knowledge based in hands-on learning from the human built world. I am open minded, fresh, adaptable and highly decisive working from a place of empathy to bring interdisciplinary work...