About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Biomimicry Iberia is a network of passionate change-makers and innovators with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and skills, brought together by our common purpose of building a collaborative system to promote and implement nature-inspired sustainable innovation in the Iberian Peninsula and beyond.

Our diverse professional backgrounds help us to integrate science and art, engineering and design, business acumen and ecoliteracy education with passion, creativity and innovation.

Our goal is to catalyze the transition from the industrial growth society’s “heat, beat and treat” era to a life-sustaining society that is based on ‘Life’s Principles’, respecting the limits and planetary boundaries while celebrating humanities limit-less potential for innovation, creativity and healthy renewal.

We believe that beyond just sustainability lies the potential for thriving regenerative cultures who’s industries and the economies will operate in synergy with Nature’s operating principles to create vibrant, abundant and effective communities within circular regional economies linked by global cooperation.

Our Projects

education 90%
Desing 80%
Consulting 90%
Development 60%

Biomimicry Iberia is a regional affiliate of the growing Biomimicry Global Network and the European Biomimicry Alliance. We see our strengths being amplified by our partners as we share information, skills and experiences, working together to bring learning and designing as nature into everyday life.

We work in the fields of outreach, education, business team facilitation and the development of innovative solutions for businesses, universities, communities and the public sector.

Our diverse backgrounds include experience in manufacturing; service industries; sustainability education; research and development; consultancy and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes in the private, public and NGO sector; as well as reverse engineering, exhibition design and strategic foresight.

We are trained in a wide diversity of disciplines: architecture, design, biology, zoology;, ecology, engineering, business administration, holistic science, sociology and ceramics.

With team members who are originally from Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, France, the United States and Mexico, we are not bounded by where we have come from, but are focused on where we can go and have audacious goals to impact business and education across the Iberian region and internationally.

Biomimicry Iberia Association (BIA) is registered in the Spanish non lucrative Associations Book with an official number 603.335.

  • Education

    From the business world to the playground, we can help you to be inspired by Nature’s genius.

  • Branding

    The business world is transforming. Let us support you by Nature inspired transformative innovation.

  • Design

    Building on Life’s head-start of 3.8 billion years of R&D, we can help you to explore elegant solutions inspired by Nature’s operating principles.

  • Exhibitions

    Cultural and behavioural change starts with good education and information. We use creative exhibition design to tell the stories of inspiring biomimetic innovations and innovators.

  • Consulting

    Cultural and behavioural change starts with good education and information. Let us demonstrate inspiring biomimetic innovations and problem-solving methods.

  • Much more...

    Life’s evolution is a continuous journey of exploration on which we can all learn from each other and the community of species. Let us unleash collective intelligence through building new relationships and making new connections in networks of collaboration.