Education Partnerships – customized adaption of Biomimicry Design Thinking materials to support education professionals. We help you bring nature into the classroom through the lens of function and nature based solutions.

Addressing the learning outcomes of established curricula, we work together to insert learning from nature in inspirational and fun ways o enrich your programmes and lay a foundation for bio-inspired sustainable innovation.

We help you in transferring biological and ecological literacy to all fields of human knowledge and activity. The goal is to create better educational experiences that prepare students for real world challenges.

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Biologically Inspired Design and Innovation

Interactive exercises that guide your team systematically through the redesign of products, processes and services your business offers. We help you to apply Biomimicry Life’s Principles to creating solutions that work for people and planet.

Participants are coached through the Biomimicry Design Thinking process using experiments, case studies, and design exercises. We help you to improve the function, manufacture, use, reuse, and recycling of given products or services, making a business case for biomimetic innovation and design

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Whole Systems Thinking

Through games, group challenges and team experiences we explore the importance of integrative whole systems design as a new way of thinking about material, energy and information flows, and a pathway to innovative business models, community development and regenerative cultures.

Exploring Nature’s win-win-win strategies that optimize the whole system rather than individual elements, we look at best practice and process examples of how to create value by closing the loops on industrial and biological “waste” streams, shifting to renewable energy sources and weaving synergies between community partners and collaborative business ecologies.

We apply Circular Economy principles as examples of biomimicry at the ecosytem level

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Biomimicry Iberia already offers a wide range of formal and non formal courses in bio-inspired innovation and design at the university level. Our team teaches at various universities in Spain, Portugal and the UK, offering unique programmes that combine creative win-win-win problem solving and sustainable innovation inspired by Nature.

We offer courses and seminars from just a few hours up to a 120 hour course for product design students , in which several professionals from our network contribute their expertise to a bold and innovative education programme. We inspire, enable, and empower future leaders through participatory and collaborative learning experiences that foster ‘out-of-the-box-thinking’, synergistic solutions that optimize the whole system, and transformative innovation for regenerative cultures.

We will customize our specific training courses to fit the needs of professionals in all fields, specifically design, architecture, engineering, planning, biology, education, and more.

We offer 1-3 day General Introduction to Biomimicry Workshops; Topic/Theme Specific Workshops; and Learning Journeys or Expedition Workshops.

At the primary school level we develop curriculum that supports all subjects with fun, integrated activities.  We recognize the challenge that teachers have to bring meaningful learning inside of specified curricula. Our vision is to bring nature to the youngest of students through the support of their teachers. We are currently developing a 5 day summer training session for school teachers at Grupo San Diego schools, an institution with over 15,000 students.

Biomimicry Iberia is a decentralized collaborative network of skilled professionals in the fields of innovation, sustainability, design, research & development, engineering biology and education.

Together, we are able to offer a wide range of services related to bio-inspired design of products and services.

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by Nature. It helps is to create not only specific sustainable technologies but also to unleash creativity through Nature’s process of innovation itself.

3.8 billion years of Life’s R&D experience does not only provide isolated innovative solutions but a framework for optimizing whole systems solutions that is hard to beat. The effective and economic use of energy and resources in ways that create conditions conducive for all life is Life’s time to create win-win-win solutions through symbiosis and collaboration. Whatever your business design challenge, the odds are high that one or more of the world’s 30 million species has not only faced the similar challenges, but has also evolved effective strategies to respond to and face these challenges.

The award winning design for a wave-power bidirectional turbine inspired by the red flamingo, created by Rafa Aparicio the founder of Biomival and member of Biomimicry Iberia is a promising example of bio-inspired innovation in engineering. The patented technology is currently undergoing further test prior to comercialization.

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