We are an emerging network of professionals: educators, engineers, biologists, architects, business people, designers and more, who have come together to promote and develop design inspired by nature. We are applying Biomimicry to create innovative designs, processes, and technologies that can offer sustainable solutions for human created problems.


We offer workshops in Biomimicry training for educational professionals. We help you to bring nature into the classroom in order to create innovative design solutions that are inspired by natural forms, functions, and processes.

We adapt our methodology and materials to the needs of your classroom in order to guarantee a learning process that is both relevant and fun. Our objective is to create better educational experiences that prepare students for a changing world.


We provide a new perspective to companies through Biomimicry processes to help solve complex problems by using natural models and systems as inspiration.

By using an interactive working style, we help your teams to apply Biomimicry Design Thinking principles to redesign products, services, and systems, creating more efficient and sustainable solutions.


We collaborate with universities, foundations, institutes, and other European Biomimicry members in research projects with the objective of promoting awareness of learning from nature and the application of Biomimicry at a European level in academic, institutional, and at business levels.

Biomimicry Iberia collaborates with biologists, designers, engineers, and academics who have already introduced Biomimicry into design and innovation processes in their institutions and companies.


We dream of a future in which technological innovation is always applied with nature in mind; ‘Life
creates conditions conducive to Life’ and that technology development and education helps to create a
regenerative human culture—at both a local and global level.


Our objective is to promote nature as a model, as a mentor, and as a measure of sustainable innovation and new technology. Connecting a network of collaboration between business, innovators, designers, biologists, engineers, architects, and educators.


Collaboration and interdependence are highly valued. We have respect, responsibility, and gratitude for the community of life. We recognise that we are nature and that it is necessary to encourage appropriate human participation in the cycles and processes that maintain life in nature.